How to Pleasure Your Woman and Make Her Have Cascading Orgasms

How to pleasure your woman takes the knowledge and skills which have eluded most men.

Understand guys you will have to put your ego to the side.

Some of you can make a woman orgasm while others couldn’t get one to sneeze…

…It’s not a big deal, recent surveys have revealed 90% of all men think they are adequate in bed.

Odd, because recent polls suggest only 25% of woman orgasm while having sex with their partners.

Let me share with you a few  sexual techniques you can start using tonight, so you can really learn how to please your woman sexually.

It’s not all about penetration.

The path to intense orgasms  is  very different for a woman than it it for a man. It is infinitely easier for a man to cum than a woman.

However, the quality of her orgasm tends to be better when she has a loving partner. You need to learn the correct way to get those orgasms flowing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re touching her downstairs.

The way you stimulate the clitoris is way more important to a woman than anything else. Direct contact before she is properly warmed up can be painful, not to mention irritating.

You need to move around it and use indirect contact to properly stimulate her.

Run your fingers softly and slowly around the shaft of the clit. You can even lightly tap the hood of the clitoris, just make sure you do not directly rub it. It’s the quickest way to turn her off, it’s akin to have someone rub the head of your penis with sandpaper, not very pleasurable.

Use the proper rhythm and speed, once you have found a tempo she likes keep at it. Don’t change your positions or speed, they like to get into a rhythm and it’s easier for them to be stimulated when you keep the same pace.

And here is one secret you can use to bring her the most intense orgasm ever.

It’s about the grind not the penetration. If you can angle the shaft of your penis properly you not only stimulate her vagina, but also the clitoris at the same time. Once you find the right methods of stimulating both at the right tempo, you might end up with fingernail marks in your back. I.E. She will love it!

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