How to Orally Please Your Woman Made Simple

Imagine if you knew how to orally please your woman every single time you tucked your head between her thighs. It would be amazing wouldn’t it. Her taunt thighs vibrating against your cheeks, the deep moans and shrieks of pleasure.

Now imagine the nasty little tricks she’d turn for you as an act of repayment.How to Orally Please Your Women

Go ahead and read this article I found and as a reward for staying tuned to it. I will reveal a secret  you use to learn how to orally pleasure your woman tonight.

By David Strovny

Giving Her Oral Sex

What You Need To Know

  • Never bite a woman’s vagina – ever.
  • Use your tongue and fingers to maximize stimulation.
  • Always have an exit strategy in case you panic down there.

“When you begin to give her oral sex, it’s important to start slowly.”

Women often complain about men’s ability to perform cunnilingus or, as it’s more commonly called, oral sex. There are hundreds of men who write us asking for advice on how to give her oral sex. We can only imagine the millions of others who stand like a possum caught in headlights when it comes to the task. As such, we thought it was time to give readers a more in-depth look into the vagina and the amazing things that guys (and gals) can do to it with their tongues.

The following oral sex techniques are a simple guide to teaching all of you the basics of “eating out.”
If you’re not much of a vaginal vacuum and are hesitant to try oral sex because of odors or whatever other preconceived notions that you have, ensuring that she has just come out of the shower will ease your tension and you’ll be able to let loose orally. There are men who stand their ground and absolutely refuse to perform oral sex; we suggest you get over yourself, because your girl likes to receive oral sex as much as you consider a good blow job a part of foreplay.

Tongue to lips

Any licking, gentle sucking or all-around moisture from the mouth to the vaginal entrance, the labia (lips) or the clitoris will surely make you popular with your flavor of the evening.

When you begin to give her oral sex, it’s important to start slowly. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. What she won’t like is an overachiever who jumps right in with an aggressive tongue. Pretend that her entire vagina is an ice-cream cone with three scoops of your favorite flavor; if you don’t like ice cream, we’re sure you can still appreciate the metaphor. Use your tongue to lick her vagina from its entrance up to the clitoris. Remember to chill out and relax; enjoy yourself and don’t get tense.

Move your tongue freely from her inner lips to her outer labia on one side. Once you’ve done that, draw her lips into your mouth and massage them with your tongue. And since the other side will probably get jealous, move on to the other side afterward.

Oral exploration

Were you aware that the tongue is the body’s strongest muscle? Well imagine what you could do with your tongue if you were giving her oral sex. Since you have more control with your tongue than with your penis, the sensations will drive her crazy.

Not only is your tongue naturally lubricated with saliva, you can maneuver it in ways that a penis never could. So why not use your tongue to have sex with her? Thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, and take a break from time to time to explore her insides.

While you’re roaming around down there, vary your cadence and the firmness of your tongue. Use your firm, flexed tongue for pinpoint accuracy, such as when you circle the clitoris, and use a limber, flat tongue to cover more ground.

Remember to continuously return to her clitoris since most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation — especially when it comes to oral sex. However, don’t apply too much pressure to her clitoris right away because it may irritate her and turn her off. Start out gently and increase pressure and speed according to her body language.

Above all, have fun down there when you’re giving her oral sex, and keep her on her toes (or off as the case may be).

Intense vaginal volume

When you have her as hot as a lioness in heat, the following oral sex techniques are going to drive her wild. Once again, make sure to pay attention to her reactions and body language at all times.

With her clitoris still exposed, give it quick little sucks by enveloping it with your mouth momentarily and releasing it. This will definitely have a positive effect on her entire body.

Next, take her clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it while you simultaneously flick your tongue over and around it. You can perform this oral technique very lightly or aggressively, depending on what she likes.

If you combine these oral sex techniques with your fingers, she will have a mind-blowing orgasm virtually every time.

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough: Never bite any part of the vagina. Not only can it cause physical harm, but you’ll probably get thrown into the dog house. “

Use your fingers

There is nothing that a woman likes more than a multitalented man. And if you know how to use both your tongue and fingers at the same time, you will definitely become her oral sex king.

While you’re French kissing her clitoris, use your finger to rub it at the same time. If you can rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time, you might want to suck on her clitoris, penetrate her vagina and thrust repeatedly with your fingers.

Be careful not to lose sight of what you’re doing because the vagina is a very sensitive area and one wrong move can leave you hung out to dry. Keep up with what you’re doing to her. Make sure that you’re not thrusting your fingers too deep or too fast. You might also want to use your finger to rub her G-Spot; it’s not that big of a mystery as it’s a rough-feeling portion of flesh located on the anterior wall of the vagina.

The tongue’s the one

Use your tongue freely and don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory; the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed she will be. And perhaps you weren’t aware of this, but if your woman is a gusher, the feeling of her ejaculate flowing all over your mouth is one of the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs.

No one likes a slobbering idiot, so don’t lose your mind while you’re in her sacred garden. Don’t start drooling all over her vagina and don’t do random things when you’re giving her oral sex. Always have a strategy when you’re going down and an escape plan, just in case you hit a foul ball.

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough: Never bite any part of the vagina. Not only can it cause physical harm, but you’ll probably get thrown into the dog house.

Useful positions

In order to make your oral buffet as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, have your lady lie on her back with her legs spread apart and her knees slightly bent. Get on your stomach between her legs and slide your arms under her legs. Your head ends up comfortably facing your oral objective. Wrap your arms around her legs and you’ll have perfect access to her vagina, which allows you to manipulate it with your fingers.

You can also lie down in the same position and place both of your hands under her behind, elevating it so that it comes directly to your face. Although this requires a little more strength and requires both your hands, it can be very pleasurable for your woman.

Finally, you can bring her behind to the edge of the bed while you give her oral sex. Have her rest her feet on your shoulders or on the edge of the bed as well, and you’ll have plenty of access while you kneel in front of her. This position will also give your fingers full access to her vagina.

bon appetit

There you have it — some of the basics to giving her oral sex. Of course this isn’t a definitive oral sex guide, but it’s a good place to start. There are plenty of other positions and techniques that you can try; the ones here are just some of the more comfortable positions. Remember: Don’t be shy, be gentle, take your time, experiment, and have fun.

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Hopefully a few of those tips schooled you a bit and you learned how to orally please your woman.

One tip which isn’t mentioned in the article is anticipation.

Remember the first time you knew your about to dip your stick into the honey pot.

The anticipation you felt…well let her feel the same about oral sex. Make her anticipate it and crave it.

When you head down there, don’t jump right in and start lapping away like a thirsty dog.

Take your time and hover around her love mound. Graze her thighs with your tongue, suck and nibble on them. Let your nose graze her pubic hair.

Make her want your next move to be a tongue dive off her clitoris, the more she anticipates it, the more she’ll enjoy it.

And if she enjoys it. Imagine how she’ll repay you!

- R.T.

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  2. No problem Rueben…I’m glad you enjoyed them. Now, put them to work and have the sex life most men can only dream about.


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