Amazingly Simple Ways on How to Please Your Girlfriend Orally

Imagine if you had incredible oral sex skills and left your girlfriend ‘stunned’ and ‘amazed’ with  searing white hot orgasms every single time.

Now imagine the amount of sex she’ll demand when she knows you’ll deliver.

Would you like more sex than you ever imagined?

Then hang on to your pants

…these remarkable tips will leave your girlfriend in awe!

And instruct you on the finer points of how to please your girlfriend orally.

Most men treat oral sex as a chore, they are more than willing if they know a blow job might be their reward.

Since you’re smart enough to realize pleasing women sexually includes proper oral sex and you are willing to head down there.

Let’s examine three unique ways to make her sizzle in ecstasy.

  • The most important aspect of oral sex is keeping the right rhythm. Mess this up and you could be down there for hours and wake up in the middle of the night with tongue cramps. You must maintain one constant speed. Start of slow drawing circles around her clitoris avoiding the clitoris shaft. As you sense she is warming up, very slowly increase your speed, until you have reached the maximum speed she enjoys.
  • You must use very light pressure. Pretend your tongue is made of velvet, the lighter the better. This will also allow you to last longer. Any man who has gone down on a woman understands it takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes to bring her to the brink of orgasm. Don’t allow your tongue to stay prolonged for too long or you’ll adventure down below will be short lived.
  • Many times men forget about the labia or ignore it all together. When you’re down there between her thighs don’t forget about the lips of her vagina. Gently suck, lick and nibble on them. It will give her more sensations and give your tongue a brief rest.

The clitoris is truly magical. It has over 5,000 nerve endings alone…

…so realize you need to be gentle and allow her ample time to become sexually aroused before you begin directly making contact with it.

You’ll receive so many benefits from properly orally pleasing your girlfriend. And if she orgasms, hold on to your hat, she’ll reward you with some of the most sensational blow jobs imaginable.

Let alone sex any time you wish.

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If you’re serious about rocking her world tonight.

- R.T.

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