3 Techniques You Should Be Using When Orally Pleasuring Woman

Orally pleasuring woman may seem like the easiest way to give a woman an orgasm, but why do so many guys screw this up?

I had the chance to overhear a conversation at a local coffee shop between four woman just the other day. It was the kinda place where one couch sits in front of a crackling fire place and soft bean bag like chairs  sporadically dot the room. The whir of the espresso machines keeps the air filled with just enough background noise. A perfect place to kick back with a drink and soak up the atmosphere and a hell of a place if you want to eavesdrop on woman and their gossip circles.

So I was a little surprised when I overheard this group of woman in their late twenties begin talking about sex and how they lacked competent men.

One woman called  her man a two pump chump, which  got me a little miffed. And another said her guy is so awkward at giving cunnilingus, she said it felt like he was trying to play darts with her clitoris….

They went on and on for at least fifteen minutes about their men and their deficiencies. I wanted to walk over there and explain to them that no one has ever given us lessons or pointed out the finer details of oral sex or love making.

And you know exactly what I am talking about, our sex ed classes basically revolved around anatomy and what happens when you stick your doo hickey somewhere without protection. But I bit my tongue and let the moment pass me.

But it got me thinking…..

If these typical suburban woman were living their lives sexually unsatisfied there had to be a lot of men who simply don’t understand the proper techniques to orally pleasuring woman. And from my research, it boils down to two reasons.

  1. Our ego tells us daily how great we are and it sometimes  builds false confidence when it comes to our  love making skills.  After all, we had the confidence to meet and start a relationship with our woman, so we  must be great lovers?
  2. Some guys just don’t know how to give woman pleasure and the techniques to make them orgasm.

It’s why I thought I would share three methods you can start using tonight to orally please woman with cunnilingus. I learned most of these by reading Lick by Lick which kinda explains everything you need to know about oral sex and the best cunnilingus instructions.

  • The primary target of oral sex will always be the clitoris, it’s the magic hot button which if stimulated correctly can be the gateway to sensational orgasms for woman. When going down the #1 thing you must understand is to never make direct contact with it. It has countless nerve endings, some say over 6,000. So it’s critical you be a little delicate with your fingers and tongue.
  • Trace circles around the clitoris with your tongue, it’s not a bulls eye on a dart board. The outer rings are where you should place your focus. Move very slowly around it! Most woman are more sensitive on one side than the other, so find the side she is most sensitive and place your focus on it.
  • Last longer down there by not allowing your tongue to stick out too far. How many of us have given oral sex to our woman, only to wake up the next day with a tongue which felt like it had been pulled on all night? I know I have.

And by all means once she has become aroused properly then you should start directly stimulating her clitoris directly with quick flicks of your tongue, while still using your tongue to trace circles around her clit.

Don’t go down there for five minutes and expect magic to happen. We all know woman take a hell of a lot longer than us to become aroused. And even more time to orgasm.

You must be willing to head down there with the intentions of staying there till she climaxes.

How important is it you become a good at oral sex?

I happened to rent the movie “I Love You Man” on Friday night. It’s about this loner guy who is desperate to find a best man for his upcoming wedding. In the earlier minutes of the movie, he pops the question to his girlfriend, course she says yes. And like all woman she had to immediately call her friends from the car phone. Her friends were excited for her and started to explain to her she needed to “lock that tongue down”. Apparently he was very capable at pleasuring her with oral sex, so much so, she shared all the intimate details with her friends.

As you can see it’s very important you learn the secrets to giving oral sex like those taught in Lick by Lick.

I surely wouldn’t want to be one of those guys whose girl gossips about and tells everyone you have no skills in the sack. Why not be the one they brag about with mind numbing cunnilingus skills. The better you are at it, the more sex you’ll likely get and she might just return the favor with more blow jobs!


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